The cracks are where the light gets... out. 


Official intro: I'm Faith.

I'm married to a tall, bearded stud named Ben, and we have four crazy, wonder-full kids and a golden dog and cat.

I'm here for integration.

If you're alive on this earth, brokenness is guaranteed. It started with original sin – or the original trauma, as I've come to call it – and resulted in the shattering of all our relationships: with God, within ourselves, with each other. We were left with a fragmented perception of life and of ourselves... but God sees us whole.

I'm working on putting the pieces back together – peering into the darkness in myself and of generations, despising the shame, and flipping on the floodlights so the future can be brighter.

Let there be healing. Let there be wholeness.
Let the light get in. Let the light get out.

What goes on here?

This is a place where I’m processing and documenting my own journey into becoming a person fully at home in myself, as well as telling my stories and exploring trauma-informed Gospel ideas. I am endlessly hopeful, but at the same time I can’t not be honest, so be aware that things around here will probably get a little weird or dark or spicy sometimes.

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The gift I can give you is the gift that I’m giving myself with this space: the safety to be painfully honest with ourselves, and the incessant proclamation of God’s with-ness with us: his unfailing adoration through, and in spite of, all the valleys of the shadow of death we may walk, and his astonishing power to bring impossible good out of unrelenting evil.

I can offer you a partner in traversing the dark corners of your life for the purpose flipping on the floodlights and finding all your fragments, despising the shame and allowing healing to seep in. Know that you are most welcome. I will always hold space for your hurt, and cheer for your growth and liberation.

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The work I do:

I offer support in spiritual and emotional integration, helping people resolve and heal generational and religious trauma, so they can become more of who they are and less of who they’re not.

To learn more about my mission and the services I provide to help those who need a safe place to ask difficult questions about God, as well as those ready to go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation using Quantum Human Design™️ and the Emotional Freedom Technique, hit the button below!

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Sounding the depths and scaling the heights of the trauma-informed Gospel to find healing, wholeness, and freedom.


To become more of who I am, and less of who I'm not. Assisting others in doing the same. Let there be healing. Let there be wholeness. Let the light get in. Let the light get out.